Questions and Answers

We want you to know how our
'Debt Collection' service works.

Qlickcollect in general…

  • Qlickcollect is an AI ‘Debt Collection’ solution, cloud based, for SMBs. Once, you’ve sent an invoice, The ‘debt Collection’ process is fully automatic. ‘Nick’ our AI Collection expert follows up each invoice, making sure your payments arrive on time.

  • We’ve built the most effective pre-legal collection toolkit for your exclusive use. However, the important decisions remain yours.

  • The app is designed to work well with mobile phones and devices. You can access the app via the web browser on any sized device. However, there are options to pin an icon to your phone’s home screen.

  • As a subscriber, you can manage standard and retainer users. For retainer users (recurring invoices) you set contact data once only. Nick triggers and manages automatically invoicing and ‘Debt Collection’ procedures each month without your involvement.

Qlickcollect’s key features

  • As a subscriber, you can use Qlickcollet’s invoicing tool. However, you can also use any other invoicing software and upload invoices for collection.
  • ‘Full Documentation’ is a key feature in the Qlickcollect app. The system associates all the collection efforts with each invoice or payment request in your account.

  • Sometimes a misunderstanding breaks out. By disputing management you can react in real time to any problem. So, contacts remain satisfied and the cash flow is balanced.

  • The Qlickcollect’s dashboard provides critical reports and metrics information. You can visualize overdue and cash flow reports. As well, Qlickcollect tracks your contact’s behavior. So, you can better plan your spendings, business conduct and cash flow.

The ‘Debt Collection’ timeline

  • Usually, we divide the collection timeline into 3 periods: Early stage, Pre-Legal stage and Legal stage.

  • Once you’ve sent an invoice or a payment request, an early stage collection begins. The earlier you start, the faster you will get payments.

  • Account managers usually take non legal actions to remind their contacts about payments they owe. They might sending notifications, reminders or to make some phone calls.

  • When ‘Pre-Legal’ fails, it might be a good sign to move on to ‘Legal Collection’. In that case, lawyers come in with a variety of legal actions they can activate.

The ‘Debt Collection’ toolkit

  • Statistic shows that a successful pre-legal collection can insure about 80% of your payments. Our toolkit includes schedule email notifications and reminders, SMS messages, automatic discount for early payers and more…

  • Nick is our AI collection expert that actually chase your payments automatically. The more you use Nick for collection, your pile of overdue payments will be smaller. Therefore, your cash flow will be more balanced.

Account & Security

  • On-boarding process is very simple. When you sign-up, we ask you a few questions. Therefore, your answers help Nick to offer you the best ‘Debt Collection’ timeline. Once you’ve created your account, you’re ready to start up. If you have a customer list, we’ll upload it for you.

  • When you sign-up, you have a free trial for 90 days. During that time you can use all the features in the system. When the free trial period ends, you have to choose one of our paid plans for further activity.

  • We try to keep things simple. Therefore, you can access to all the features in the system, in all plans. The difference between the plans is the number of contacts managed and how many users in the system. Please check out plans and prices.

  • The most important commitment we have is to keep you data secure. learn more about your data’s security

Payments & refund policy

  • If your contacts pay online, we can embed a link to your payment method in the system.

  • We’ve found that subscribers who can commit to a full year will be more successful. Therefore, in the long run they can balance their cash flow better. 

  • We’re very sorry to see you go. When you cancel your account, you won’t be able to create new activities in the system. However, you’ll have an access to historical data for more 90 days.

  • After signing-up you get a new Qlickcollect license. The free trial is valid for 90 days, to test Qlickcollect in your own environment. We want you to know our product well before you make subscribing decision. After you signed up, the credit for the annual payment  is not refundable.

Not fake news: Qlicollect users spend 50% less time on ‘Debt Collection’ tasks.