Hire virtual debt collection expert like Nick and quickly get paid

We are very sorry you caught into such an annoying situation

How does it work?

Upload a debt and profile

Have a chat with Nick to generate the perfect debt collection plan based on the debtor’s type, debt situation, location & regulation.

Pay once

Just choose a debt collection plan that works for you and pay a fixed price. We Don’t charge collection fees.

Visualize plan execution

Let, Nick, our virtual debt collection expert, to execute the most effective plan for you. Besides, we save you time and money.

Affordable debt collection plans

Upload and profile the debt. We charge fixed amounts only for the work required in the case regardless of the debt level

Always free

We customize notifications and pre-legal documentations throughout the collection pipeline signed by you.

Basic collection up to $249

We do a legal search, use personal collection reps, create custom pre-legal, and legal documents signed by the Qlickcollect team, and use relevant databases and locating services if needed.

Pro collection up to $999

We resolve complex cases requiring mediation, legal opinion, and court papers or execution for the independent collector.

Here’s our debt collection tools. Worldwide

In full compliance with local regulation, at a fixed price and without collection fees

Reminders & notifications

We have customized email reminders & notifications sent throughout the collection process. Always free of charge.

Human touch

Sometimes there are some tricky cases, and humans need to get involved. Nick makes sure they do.

Customized documents

We automatically generate customized pre-legal and legal documents in full compliance with local regulations.

Dispute management

Sometimes a dispute breaks out. We offer a high-level mediation service in full compliance with local regulation.

Connected services

We contact relevant databases for assessing or updating the debtor’s risk level and assets.

Debt collection attorney

In complicated cases and only as a last option, we will connect you to an expert collection attorney.

Nick is ready to chase the debtors 24/7/365

We know you don’t like to confront debtors about payments. It seems to be a good idea to let Nick do the hard work, chasing the debtors down automatically. In other words, no more worries. Just upload a debt and relax. We can promise zero effort, zero hassle, and zero paperwork.

Check out our debt collection pipeline

Nick automatically schedules and documents all debt collection efforts

Automated debt collection makes your business smarter

Above all, when you use Nick for collection, you save about 50% of the time you spend on collection tasks. In addition, you ensure about 85% of your income and most importantly, your customers remain happy.

Time saving
Money arrive on time
Customer's satisfaction

When Nick does the collections it’s very simple to keep your income in check

Questions & Answers

  • We’re very proud to introduce our cloud-based debt collection solution for SMBs. Nick, our Artificial Intelligence collection bot is available to chase after your payments 24/7. Therefore, Nick follows up each invoice and most importantly, makes sure no invoice is lost along the way.

  • Absolutely. To clarify, Qlickcollect was designed to works well on phones and mobile devices. Therefore, you can access the app via the web browser on any sized device. Moreover, there are options to pin an icon to your phone’s home screen.

  • At the moment we focus on building the most effective pre-legal collection SaaS (Software as a Service). However, we are not a debt collection agency and we do not charge any collections fees. So, you can subscribe and hire Nick for professional pre-legal collection. In other words, Nick does all the hard work, and the important decesions remain yours.

  • For now we don’t have a payment option built-in the system. However, if your customers pay online, we can embed a link to your payment method in the system any time. How’s that? When you sign up you deliver us your link for online payment and we embed the link automatically in all messages and notification.

  • Absolutely not. Furthermore, Nick gently informs your customers about bills that need to be paid. However, the whole operation is built around the idea that people usually know they have to pay, and Nick  just make sure they do.