The Debt Collection pipeline
See how Nick makes sure you get paid on time

A complete and simple collection solution

Nick is available to chase after your payments  24/7, throughout the entire debt collection process. Nick tracks the full lifecycle of your invoces/payment requests and optimizes each stage of this relationship with your customers.

Customers are the heart of the system.

Nick ties all the data together

Nick associates the customer’ data to invoices and to important knowledge items, such as documentation, payment behavior and contribution to income.

Different types of customers

You can manage a few types of customers, such as standard or retainer. Nick will automatically trigger recurring invoices or payment requests for retainer customers.

Upload a customer list

Nick can upload for you a previous customer list if you have one.

Invoicing tool is built in

4 ways to trigger collection:

You can create unlimited invoices, payment requests or recurring retainer bills. Similarly, to upload invoices created elsewhere for collection. In other words, the source of the invoice doesn’t matter and Nick tracks all the invoices the same way.

No invoice is lost along the way

Nick follows up each invoice or payment request, sends tailor-made messages via the collection pipeline, keeps full documentation and makes sure that money arrives on time and no invoice is lost.

Nick runs a custom and automated collection pipeline

Once you’ve sent an invoice or a payment request, the collection begins. Nick controls the collection pipeline by queueing, creating and sending out follow-up emails. In addition, Nick shares information received from customers and encourages you to take action.

Nick marks every invoice or payment request for one of the following Collection stages: open, sent, paid or collection cancelled.
Each collection stage can activate automatically a different set of actions, as a result of rules due to a debt collection pipeline. Therefore, we always back you up.

We currently offer two pre defined collection timelines. When you sign up for your free trial you can choose between a standard pre legal  collection timeline and the short one.

The standard pre-legal Debt Collection timeline contains a set of scheduled actions via the collection pipeline. Therefore, Nick sends notification and reminders along a period of 4 weeks after the due date. In addition, Nick lets you know what’s going on throughout the process.

The short pre-legal Debt Collection timeline works the same way. However, it ends a week after the due date.

Once you’ve sent an invoice, Nick  Documents  all actions taken via collection timeline, including emails sent and  changes you make. obviously, all this information helps you to understand better the situation. And therefore, to be prepared for the legal collection, if needed.

Sometime things go wrong. In other words you might deal with a dispute situation due to a service or a problematic product. Be the first to know what went wrong. In other words, quickly deal with the situation, make changes if needed and get your payment ASAP.

Not fake news: Qlicollect users spend 50% less time on collection tasks.

Intelligent tools take your business to the next level

Dashboard analytics

With the analytics dashboard in Qlickcollect you can get deeper insights. How big is your pile of overdue payments? what you’ve earned? and how is your cash flow doing? This dashboard also provides insights about your customers, such as payment behavior and their contribution to your income.

Smart reports

Reports > Nick shows you all you need to know about your cashflow status and overdue payments. In other words you understand better the situation and know what to do next to get paid ASAP.

Call to action

Nick offers you recomendations on what to do next, based on current position and the Collection pipeline. However, all the important decisions remain yours.

Questions & Answers

  • Absolutely. Once an invoice or a payment request is sent, Nick takes all required actions via the collection process. However, you can take over any time, changing the flow.

  • Absolutely. The Invoicing tool enabling you to track time and activities and to create unlimited invoices/payment requests. However, you can upload invoices from other invoicing software for collection only.

  • Absolutely. Nick shares with you all the information regarding collection efforts for each invoice/payment request that has been sent or has been uploaded to the Qlickcollect system. In other words, we cover your back.

  • Absolutely. Nick follows up each customer’s payment behavior and shares that information with you.

  • Dispute management enables you to know and to respond in real time to any problem, small as it might be, in order to keep your customers happy and to receive your payments on time. If there’s a problem that needs special attention, you can stop collection any time and renew it when the problem is solved. However, don’t forget to document your own actions.